Reports and Plans 2022/2023

Total 123 items.
Cód. estudioDegreeQuality ReportImprovement Plan
157Bachelor's Degree in Architecture Studies
142Bachelor's Degree in Building Engineering
151Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering
141Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering
146Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering
147Bachelor's Degree in Electronic and Automatic Engineering
111Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering
144Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering Technology
143Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Organisational Engineering
164Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Processes' Data Engineering
148Bachelor's Degree in Informatics Engineering
149Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering
150Bachelor's Degree in Mechatronic Engineering
145Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Technology and Services Engineering
125Degree in Biotechnology
131Degree in Business Administration and Management
127Degree in Chemistry
119Degree in Classics
133Degree in Economics
120Degree in English
100Degree in Environmental Sciences
134Degree in Finance and Accounting
102Degree in Fine Arts
112Degree in Food Science and Technology
135Degree in Geography and Land Management
114Degree in Geology
122Degree in History
123Degree in History of Art
128Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
106Degree in Information Management
105Degree in Journalism
138Degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources
132Degree in Law
137Degree in Marketing and Market Research
126Degree in Mathematics
118Degree in Medicine
153Degree in Modern Languages
117Degree in Nursery School Education
101Degree in Nursing
109Degree in Occupational Therapy
129Degree in Odontology
115Degree in Optics and Optometry
104Degree in Philosophy
113Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Science
124Degree in Physics
108Degree in Physiotherapy
116Degree in Primary School Education
103Degree in Psychology
163Degree in Psychology
136Degree in Public Management and Administration
140Degree in Rural and Agri-Food Engineering
110Degree in Social Work
121Degree in Spanish
139Degree in Tourism
130Degree in Veterinary Science
706Interuniversity Master's in Research in Philosophy
728Master Degree in Late Modern and Contemporany History
691Master in Agricultural Engineering
714Master's in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Health and Wellbeing Technologies
724Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering
722Master's Degree in Food Quality, Safety and Technology
683Master's Degree in Informatics Engineering
719Master's Degree in Physics of the Universe: Cosmology, Astrophysics, Particles and Astroparticles
723Master's Degree in Strategic Human Resources Management
682Master's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering
619Master's in Accounting and Finance
705Master's in Administrative Management
649Master's in Advanced Studies in the History of Art
679Master's in Advanced Studiesi in Language, Communication and its Pathologies
727Master's in Advanced Studiesi in Language, Communication and its Pathologies
627Master's in Animal Nutrition
721Master's in Animal Nutrition
675Master's in Architecture
690Master's in Auditing
629Master's in Biomedical Engineering
680Master's in Chemical Engineering
718Master's in Circular Economy
607Master's in Cultural Heritage Management
701Master's in Digital Information and Communication Consulting
707Master's in Direction and Management of Defense Procurement Systems
620Master's in Economics
657Master's in Electronic Engineering
692Master's in Evaluation and Physical Training for Health
702Master's in Food Quality, Safety and Technology
611Master's in Gender Relations
698Master's in General Sanitary Psychology
712Master's in Genetic, Nutritional and Environmental Growth and Development Conditioners NUTRENVIGEN (G+D) Factors
686Master's in Geology: Techniques and Applications
715Master's in Global Health: Integration of Environmental, Human and Animal Health
720Master's in Hispanic Cultures and identities
685Master's in Industrial Chemistry
681Master's in Industrial Engineering
624Master's in Introduction to Medical Research
656Master's in Land and Environmental Planning
678Master's in Legal Practice
646Master's in Lifelong learning in multicultural contexts
697Master's in Management, Strategy and Marketing
684Master's in Mechanical Engineering
676Master's in Modeling, Mathematical Research, Statistics and Computing
655Master's in Modern History
688Master's in Molecular Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis
600Master's in Molecular and Cellular Biology
637Master's in Nanostructured Materials for Nanotechnology Applications
696Master's in Nursing Studies
672Master's in Occupational Health and Safety
602Master's in Physics and Physical Technologies
699Master's in Product Development Engineering
708Master's in Public Administration Law
704Master's in Quantitative Biotechnology
652Master's in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency
725Master's in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency
648Master's in Research and Advanced Studies in History
610Master's in Social Gerontology
643Master's in Sociology of Public and Social Policy
703Master's in Swine Health and Production
659Master's in Teacher for Mandatory Secondary Education, Baccalaureate, Vocational Training and Language, Arts and Sports Education
633Master's in Tourism Management and Planning
695Master's in the Ancient World and Archaeological Heritage
726Masters degree in Tumor Immunology and Cancer Immunotherapy
608Master´s in Geographic Information Science and Technology for Land Management: Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing
717Máster Universitario en Biofísica y Biotecnología Cuantitativa / Master in Biophysics and Quantitative Biotechnology
713Máster Universitario en Robótica, Gráficos y Visión por Computador / Robotics, Graphics and Computer Vision