Reports and doctoral plans 2021/2022

Total 47 items.
Cód. estudioDegreeQuality ReportImprovement Plan
7087Doctoral Program in Accounting and Finance
7096Doctoral Program in Agrarian and Natural Environment Sciences
7075Doctoral Program in Analytical Science in Chemistry
7079Doctoral Program in Animal Production
7073Doctoral Program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
7098Doctoral Program in Biomedical Engineering
7083Doctoral Program in Biomedical and Biotechnological Sciences
7103Doctoral Program in Chemical and Environment Engineering
7069Doctoral Program in Contemporary History
7099Doctoral Program in Design and Manufacturing Engineering
7090Doctoral Program in Economics
7091Doctoral Program in Economy and Management of Organisations
7092Doctoral Program in Education
7112Doctoral Program in Efficient systems in food quality and production
7101Doctoral Program in Electronic Engineering
7066Doctoral Program in English Studies
7104Doctoral Program in Fluid Mechanics
7074Doctoral Program in Food Quality, Safety and Technology
7094Doctoral Program in Gender Relations and Feminist Studies
7077Doctoral Program in Geology
7084Doctoral Program in Health and Sport Sciences
7108Doctoral Program in Heritage, Societies and Border Spaces
7072Doctoral Program in Hispanic Linguistics
7067Doctoral Program in Hispanic Literatures
7070Doctoral Program in History of Art
7071Doctoral Program in History, Society and Culture: Medieval and Early Modern Ages
7089Doctoral Program in Human Rights and Fundamental Liberties
7107Doctoral Program in Information and Communication
7106Doctoral Program in Information and Communication Technologies in Mobile Networks
7081Doctoral Program in Inorganic Chemistry
7088Doctoral Program in Law
7109Doctoral Program in Logistics and Management of the Supply Chain
7093Doctoral Program in Management of territory and natural environment
7078Doctoral Program in Mathematics ans Statistics
7102Doctoral Program in Mechanical Engineering
7085Doctoral Program in Medicine
7086Doctoral Program in Medicine and Animal Health
7105Doctoral Program in New Territories in Architecture
7082Doctoral Program in Organic Chemistry
7068Doctoral Program in Philosophy
7080Doctoral Program in Physical Chemistry
7076Doctoral Program in PhysicsReport
7111Doctoral Program in Psychology
7097Doctoral Program in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency
7065Doctoral Program in Sciences of Antiquity
7095Doctoral Program in Sociology of Public and Social Policies
7100Doctoral Program in Systems and Informatics Engineering